Xls form. How to set a specific questions after answers to a specific question is given

Hello Lovely friends.

Please i am creating a form using xls forms. this is actually my first time using the form but i want to create options for school, hospital, church etc. So when a person selects school, different set of question under school will display. like
Q1. What is the name of your school(text)
Q2 how many teachers do you have in your school?(integer)
Q3 How many courses are you offering in School?(integer)

then when a person selects church, he will have some different question displayed under church. say
Q1 What is the name of your church(text)
Q2 How many scripture did you read today?(integer).

The same with HOSPITAL. I will be glad If i can get a quick response from group soon.

Hi vakakpo

First, Please check out this link !

I created this :

1] School
2] Hospital
3] Church

then i created 3 group of questions
Group1 - School
relevant – ${TypeOfQues} = β€˜1’

Group2 - Church
relevant – ${TypeOfQues} = β€˜3’

Group3 - Hospital
relevant – ${TypeOfQues} = β€˜2’

Please, find the attached file …
vakakpo.xls (24 KB)


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Hello @tulus45

Please I have updated my form but I see some error popping up,. I am trying to upload it but they said I am a new user so I cant upload. Please help me rectify it.

here is the copy and paste form:


type name label required relevant choice_filter calculation
note introduction Welcome to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference - Ghana Solar Project
select_one diocess diocess Name Of Diocess yes
select_one parish parish Name Of Parish yes
select_one establishment establishment Name of Establishment yes
integer building Number of Building yes
select_one floors floors Number of Floors yes
text floor-height Average Floor to Ceiling Height(m) yes
start start
end end
select_one TypeOfQues TypeOfQues Which of the Institutions are you collecting the data for? false
begin_group SC School ${TypeOfQues} = β€˜1’
integer aircon1 Air Condition Unit false
integer fan1 Ceiling/ Standing Fan false
integer light_bulb1 Lightening(Low Energy Bulbs ) false
integer light_flourescent1 Lightening(Low Energy Flourescent ) false
integer compound_light1 Light bulbs (compound lighting) false
integer other_light1 Lighting (other) false
integer desktop1 Computers (desktop) false
integer laptop1 Computers (laptop) false
integer tv1 TV Monitor false
integer decoder1 TV Decoder false
integer printers1 Printers / Photocopiers false
integer projectors1 Projectors false
integer routers1 Routers / Switches false
integer alarms1 Sirens / Alarms false
integer fridges1 Fridges false
integer freezers1 Freezers false
integer water_heater1 Water Heater false
integer oven1 Microwave Oven false
integer dispenser1 Water Dispenser false
integer kettle1 Kettle false
integer water_pump1 Water Pump false
text others1 Others false
text comment1 Comment false
begin_group CH Church ${TypeOfQues} = β€˜3’
integer air3 Air Condition units false
integer ceiling3 Ceiling / Standing Fans false
integer lighting3 Lighting (low energy bulbs) false
integer lighting3_3 Lighting (low energy fluorescent) false
integer light3 Light bulbs (compound lighting) false
integer lighting_3 Lighting (other) false
integer tv3 TV Monitor false
integer projector3 Projector false
integer combo3 Combo false
integer pa3 PA System false
integer amplifier3 Amplifier false
integer organ3 Organ false
integer guitar3 Guitar false
integer fridge3 Fridge false
integer hand3 Hand Dryer false
begin_group REC Rectory ${TypeOfQues} = β€˜2’
text Air2 Air Conditioned Unit false
integer ceiling2 Ceiling/ Standing Fan false
integer low_energy2 Lightening(Low Energy Bulbs ) false
integer flourescent_light2 Lightening(Low Energy Flourescent ) false
integer compound_lighting2 Light bulbs (compound lighting) false
integer lighting2 Lighting (other) false
integer projector2 Projector false
integer amplifier2 Amplifier false
integer console2 Console/Mixer false
integer pa_system2 PA System false
integer fridge2 Fridge false
integer freezer2 Freezer false
integer printer2 Printer false
integer computer_desktop2 Computers (desktop) false
integer computer_laptop2 Computers (laptop) false
integer hand_dryer2 Hand Dryer false
text other2 Others false
text comments2 Comments false
begin_group PA Parish Hall ${TypeOfQues} = β€˜4’
integer ac4 Air Condition units false
integer lighting4 Lighting (low energy bulbs) false
integer low_energy4 Lighting (low energy fluorescent) false
integer bulb4 Light bulbs (compound lighting) false
integer other4 Lighting (other) false
integer fan4 Ceiling / Standing Fans false
integer computer_desktop4 Computers (desktop) false
integer computer_laptop4 Computers (laptop) false
integer projector4 Projectors false
integer photocopy4 Printer / Photocopier false
integer ups4 UPS false
integer pannel4 Comms. Panel false
integer tv4 TV Monitor false
integer decoder4 TV Decoder false
integer aquarium4 Aquarium false
integer dispenser4 Water Dispenser false
integer money4 Money Counting Machine false
integer routers4 Routers / Switches false
integer pump4 Water Pump false
integer fridge4 Fridge false
integer kettle4 Kettle false
integer microwave4 Microwave Oven false
begin_group PO Parish Office ${TypeOfQues} = β€˜5’
integer air5 Air Condition units false
integer lighting5 Lighting (low energy bulbs) false
integer lighting_5 Lighting (low energy fluorescent) false
integer light5 Light bulbs (compound lighting) false
integer lighting_5_5 Lighting (other) false
integer ceiling5 Ceiling / Standing Fans false
integer computers_laptop Computers (desktop) false
integer computers5 Computers (laptop) false
integer projectors5 Projectors false
integer printer5 Printer / Photocopier false
integer ups5 UPS false
integer comms5 Comms. Panel false
integer tv5 TV Monitor false
integer tv_5 TV Decoder false
integer aquarium5 Aquarium false
integer water5 Water Dispenser false
integer money5 Money Counting Machine false
integer routers5 Routers / Switches false
integer water5 Water Pump false
integer fridge5 Fridge false
integer kettle5 Kettle false
integer microwave5 Microwave Oven false


list_name name label
diocess diocess Accra
diocess diocess Donkorkrom
diocess diocess Techiman
diocess diocess Ho
diocess diocess Akatsi/Keta
diocess diocess Kumasi
diocess diocess Koforidua
parish parish Christ The King
establishment establishment School
establishment establishment Rectory
establishment establishment Church
establishment establishment Parish Hall
establishment establishment Parish Office
floors floors 1
floors floors 2
floors floors 3
floors floors 4
institution institution School
institution institution Rectory
institution institution Church
institution institution Parish Hall
institution institution Parish Office
TypeOfQues 1 1] School
TypeOfQues 2 2] Rectory
TypeOfQues 3 3] Church
TypeOfQues 4 4]Parish Hall
TypeOfQues 5 5]Parish Office

Thanks and hope to hear from you. Will be glad if you can rectify and send me.

Hi Vakakpo,

  1. To validate your forms, you may use the odk form validator to ensure no error in your forms. http://opendatakit.org/xlsform/
  2. To upload/replace/update form, Click the rotate icon and upload your forms.

hope this help.


Hi Vakakpo,

Please, find the attached file …
Please note the changes highlighted in yellow

vakakpo3.xls (37 KB)

  1. You missed, β€œend group”
  2. name of the choices must be unique
  3. The last, Please, don’t copy your form here, just upload it !


Thank you @Tulus and @bernieseville for your wonderful support and help. All the suggestions work. I am very grateful for the help.

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