XML form data retrieval is missing media path

I have a form that contains text and pictures. If I retrieve the form via the API /api/v1/data/3/5.json I get a block that provides the path to each image:

  "mimetype": "image/jpeg",
  "download_url": "/media/USER/attachments/FORMHUB_UUID/_UUID/1550511334093.jpg",
  "filename": "USER/attachments/FORMHUB_UUID/_UUID/1550511334093.jpg",
  "instance": 5,
  "id": 8,
  "xform": 3

However, if I download the same form as XML there is no equivalent. I can derive FORMHUB_UUID and _UUID from other parts of the XML document but there is nothing that provides USER.

Consequently it is impossible to download media when using data retrieval through XML.

This seems to be a double omission in the XML document structure:

  1. No indication of the user account that submitted the form data
  2. No way to retrieve media attachments

Where should I submit this as a fault report?