15000 submissions with 700 questions


I’m having a challenge conducting large scale survey.
In which, 700 questions are asked and eventually, there will be 15000 submissions.
So far, we have collected 5000 submissions. However, the size became greater and we’re having a concern for upcoming submissions.
The problem is Kobo only allows to export all the data. If there is a filter export function, the size of exported file could be reduce significantly.

My question is, “is there any option to handle large scale data ?” To check missed data and find errors in submission.
Currently, I export the file to Google sheet and check the fields with formula.
But, the google sheet no longer accepts importing ,because of too large file.

I’m looking forward to any suggestions.


Hi @NC_Chan,

There is an enhancement request to be able to filter records prior to export: Media download export option - ability to filter records

You may wish to add comments or vote on that enhancement, if you think it would help you too?

Best wishes!

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@NC_Chan cc: @nat

Maybe you could download your data as discussed previously: