Add layer map in geo tool

Hello everyone, is it possible to add layers to the basemap. For example, if I have a mapping done with drones, with updated images, is it possible to upload that layer to the basemap when using geowidgedts.

Hi @marceloscarone,

Have you gone through our post, it should solve your issue:


Was the source ‘MapBox’ replaced by something else?
I have the KoBoCollect version: v1.30.1

Welcome to the community, @alics! Which MapBox are you trying to refer? Could you share with us a screenshot so that we should be able to observe more clearly?

I think it was a misunderstanding on my behalf.
Let me rephrase the question:

Are reference layers visible on the basemap, regardless of the source of the basemap?

@alics, didn’t get you clearly. But when you use the layer, you should be able to use the map that you have uploaded as layer instead of the map that is present in the system.