Add more than 4 levels in cascade

Good night,

Please inform me how many levels the cascade option allows to add since I am trying to add more than 4 levels and it does not allow it.

Thank you.

@cispmed, there should be no restrictions with the cascading select as you say as we already have a workaround that shows a cascading select of more than 4 levels discussed in our community previously:

Good night,

I am generating a cascade list of countries which have more than 10,000 rows and it generates the following error.

Can you please verifying me please.

Attached file in excel.

Thank you.

Error Kobo aZAoqProR7kx9qKRKo4zEA.xlsx (389.3 KB)

@cispmed, if you have this large a choice list I would recommend you using the cascading select with the select_one_from_file as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Good Morning,

The drawback is when I try to add more than 10,000 rows, not in the format as such, you can perform the test adding more of those rows since when trying to load the system it is not capable and generates the error that I send them.

Do you mean adding 10k rows in a CSV file?

If we have added 10,000 records and the system crashes, then we want you to inform us what kind of limits the platform has.

Adding 10k records where? Do you mean collecting 10k submissions?

The response options are 10k, as I send it to you in the following attachment.

additionally, the system is blocked, indicating that it is not able to load the form with so many response options

aZAoqProR7kx9qKRKo4zEA2.xlsx (377.5 KB)

@cispmed, kindly please be informed that this large a choice list would definitely affect the loading of your survey form. Hence, we recommend using an external choice as shown/shared in the post above (i.e. using select_one_from_file). The external choice would help you lower the loading time of your form.