Adding parameter to identify each specific user to shared link

Hello Community,

I want to share a survey related to users on a specific platform.
Is it possible to add a paremeter at the end of shared url to identify the exact id of the submission later .

To elaborate, i want to run a survey for participants on a citizen science platform that utilizes a mobile application. Each user has a specific id within the app and for the sake of the study i need to identify which submission belongs to which specific user. I was wondering if it would be possible to add the user id of each participant to the end of the url shared with them as a parementer.

Thank you for your help

Welcome to the community, @berj! Would you mind explaining it a bit so that the community would be able to understand your issue and see if it’s possible through KoBoToolbox?

Yes of course, i applogise if my question was not clear enough, i’m still very much a beginner,
i’ll edit and elaborate further

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Hi @berj
Would it be easier to ask them to enter that unique ID as part of the response, even as the first question before taking the survey? You could do this by sending them a mail with the code specific to the user through a mail merge function.


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Thanks for the response Stephane.
Been thinking about that option, but worried I will have a lot of people drop out from completing the surevey as they have to leave it to check the code and then get back to the survey to fill the sequence of numbers.

Is it possible when sending it as a question to auto fill that question with the specific user id for each submission?


@berj, you could do this as outlined in the post discussed previously:

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