After collecting data and sending in to server, can we revise the form just adding enumerators name and can use it?

We are currently collecting the data from field where we used the 10 enumerators and they have already send the data in to server. But we need collect data using same form by adding another 5 enumerators in another district, only change is enumerators name, can we add the enumerators name and deploy it. If i do so, will it effect previous collected data? or new data can send in same form or not? I would like to request for your kind suggestions.

Hi @plan,

Welcome to the community! Yes, this is possible. However please do not forget to redeploy your survey form after making updates (else you will not be able to see the changes in the Forms that you GET in your android device).

Have a great day!

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One more request in above case, some data was already collected in mobiles (where only 10 enumerators name) but data not send it into server. Is it possible to send data (which was in the mobiles) after changes (deployed) adding 5 enumerators name into server? Is there any error will occur?
Seeking your kind suggestions.

Hi Krishna,
I would advice that those enumerators submit their data to the server before you update the form on your server with the new version.


Hi @plan,

That should not affect your current data as you have not added a completely new variables. If you do add a completely new variable and redeploy a survey form during an ongoing data collection you will see something as shown in the image below:

The red highlighted portion is the data collected during the first deployment. Here during this deployment, variable Age was not added to the survey form. Hence you will not have data for the Age variable in your dataset.

The blue highlighted portion is the data collected after the second deployment (i.e. after adding Age variable). Here, you should have all the data.

For your additional information, if you wish to manage these type of data, please have a look at the support article Recovering data from previous form versions here.

Hope this was helpful! Have a great day!

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How do i make updates and redeploying without interfering with the data?

@oliver_ochuka, if it’s just a typo for the question label or the choices label, feel free to make necessary adjustments and then redeploy. This should not affect your existing data. To be more confident on what you are doing, make a dummy project, then add some dummy submissions and then make changes as said here to see how it changes.

Once you see the changes, you should be confident on how it behaves and you could try this out in your real project whenever needed.