Allow specific data collectors to be able to submit data

Hi guys, previously, I had more than 100 data collectors who used to collect and submit the data in a commonly used kobo account by using Kobocollect apps. We use humanitarianresponse server. But, now I want to allow only 10-15 of them to be able to submit data. In this common kobo account, there are many projects. But, I need this feature for only two specific project. All data collectors have access to this account and they can get form whenever they want. Also, it is not possible to change the password as all of them submit data in other projects in the same account. Regardless of my request, there is very high possibility that they will submit the data again out of curiosity. Is there any way to restrict some specific users to be able to submit data in the two specific projects of the same account? Thanks. I will be happy to clarify more if need be.

@tasfik_rukan, why not adopt this approach to restrict the genuine enumerators to collect data for your project:

You might also:

  • Add a new (limited) account for this enumerator group and limit the access for these 2 projects.
  • Move the 2 projects to a new (ownership) account.
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