Along with google Analytics i wanna use kobotoolbox

Hi, I am Already using google Analystics on this site proapkinc. But to collect the users data I also Wanat to use the kobotoolbox. can use both appps together?
LEt me know thanks.

Hi @zayufiju, Google Analytics and KoboToolbox are unrelated platforms so you can definitely use them both on your site.

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Hi @Josh, typically you need to add the google analytics id to a webpage to be able to see it. Do you know how to add the google analytics id to kobo survey?

I simply tried to add the kobo survey page but it does not work.

Hi @innovatist, as far as I’m aware you’re not able to add analytics trackers within the surveys. I would suggest using the audit question type for this, however it’s currently only available for data collected using the KoboCollect app.