Alternative of Question Matrix

you can work with a “list” that shows the label only once, and then lets you list several select_one or select_multiple questions on one page. The limitation here is, that all questions need to have the same “choices lists”

For the xls-form, the steps would be (I don’t know how well you know Kobo, so apologies if the steps are too detailed):

  1. You need to create a group around all the questions you want displayed in your matrix, in the appearance column of the begin group, you write field-list
  2. Then you choose your select_one or select_multiple with the choice list you prepared and write "label in the appearance column. You can write something like “Answer options” in the actual label column.
  3. Now you write all the questions you have, always using the same choice list as for the above mentioned row. For each question, you write list-nolabel in the appearance column
  4. Then you close your group.

This should give you something like a matrix.

Hope this helps.

Depending on what you run the survey (phone or tablet) you might want to limit your answer options to yes/no, or use numbering instead of lengthy answers.