Analysing data in excel analyser

Hello, I have been following the user guide to download my data into excel analyser manually. The problem I have is that the data in my data tab shows the ‘labels’ rather than the ‘names’ from the choices tab. Because of this nothing is coming up in my graphs. Is there an easy way to change the data to show the labels rather than the names rather than doing it manually?

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Welcome to the community, @mspears88! Maybe you could follow the instructions outlined in the tutorial (that has been shared and discussed in our previous post):

Hello Kal_Lam, thank you for your reply. I have looked previously at the videos but the problem is now there is no longer the option of excel anaylser in the export type. I have been following the instructions on how to import data onto excel analyser but the data does not seem to be in the right format.

So as of now, you will need to replace your data (the one that you downloaded to the Excel Analyzer’s data tab. And your survey sheet to the Excel Analyzer’s survey tab. You will then need to follow the rest as outlined in the tutorial.

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Thanks for sharing this info this is useful keep it up.

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For anyone else who has this problem with excel analyser, where their data is not showing up. Make sure when you download the data, for export type you choose xls and for ‘value and header format’ you choose XML values and headers.

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