Asking prices for agricultural produce

I’m currently building a form for an agriculture value chain study, and I need help in constructing a question which asks farmers the prices they sell their produce.

Q1. Do you sell one or more of the following commodities? a) Oranges b) Bananas c) Lemons d) Pineapples

Q2. What price do you sell the selected commodities for? __________

How do I structure questions like these in the form builder in order to capture those prices based on the selected commodity? I attempted o use the matrix type question but setting up enketo at this time is not an option.

Welcome to the community, @omario! You could do the same with different approaches in KoBoToolbox.

Approach 1: Other

You could do it through the other in a mutliple_select question as outlined in our support article User-Specified “Other” Responses for Multiple-Choice Questions. We also have a suitable workaround in the community that should suit you very well:

Approach 2: Matrix Question

The other approach is using the matrix question. This support article Question Matrix Response Type should help you solve your issue. We do have a workaround in the community that should help you: