Associating the survey link with a phone number

We need to collect data from certain POCs which we send the link of the survey form + an identifier code which enables only that POC to respond to the form.

is there any way to eliminate the identifier step all together, and associate the survey form with the phone number of the individual who receives the SMS? Meaning only the person who received the SMS can open the link and fill it not anyone else who somehow gets access to the link?

Hi @givtajt
Technically speaking, the platform may not be able to directly support such a feature.


Much Appreciated dear @stephanealoo. I thought the same but just wanted to be sure

Hello @amailuk,
How many persons/POC do you need to treat?

in total, we are looking at 500

For now its below a 100 but in the future we are planning to broad the scope over it!

Hi @givtajt, you can try something like this discussed further here:


type name label
hidden code

And share the Enketo link with a URL parameter such as d[code]=123456789. I.e something that looks like this:[code]=123456789

Alternatively, you can provide only Add submissions permissions to those users so those without access are not able to access the form:

The permissions option seems more relevant to your case and may be a good way forward.