Auto generating age in years and months from Date of Birth

Fantastic! Do please let us know more about your study, I’ll add something to the user showcases for you. We often call eachother “KoBoNauts”




On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 8:05 AM, Collins McAdoyo wrote:

Hi Team members, I was creating a survey with Variables Date of Birth and Age. Is it possible to autogenarate Age in Years and Months from the date of birth entered?

Q3. Enter date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy): //_________

Q5. Current Age: Years:________________ Months:____________



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Aloo Stephen Onuong’a
Public Health & Social Research Specialist

I need to make the phone number be eleven digits not increase not decrease

Hi you can use this in constraints field:

@moteb_marei Please see my recent posting Number constraints as to why this regex is incorrect.

@ziyad Could you please remember to open a new thread topic for new questions, this is rather unrelated to the original topic. Or if you want to email another forum member directly you can use the Flag control to send them a private message.


But if you make the type of question integer nobody will be able to write string entries

Best Regards

Moteb Marei

Please note that using an integer question to enter phone numbers is problematic due to the limited number of digits allowed (max 9), which may well be insufficient to store a long phone number. It is therefore recommended - for phone numbers - to use a regular text widget (which effectively has unlimited length) with an appearance=“numbers”. But this is basically only a hint to the XForm client to display a keyboard that only permits entering numbers, which depending on your platform may or may not be possible (eg Enketo cant control your laptops keyboard…). So in addition it is also recommended to add a suitable constraint regex (see above) to ensure that the user only submits numbers.

if still suffering from that can you try this:
regex (.,’^[A-Za-z0-9._؟?#&*/@;:؛÷×%$ ±]
{11} $’)

Good grief! What ARE you trying to match!?! :slight_smile:

But seriously, what sort of user input data are you trying to validate, and in what way is your regex above misbehaving? Perhaps give a couple of example of strings that you want to match, and I’m sure we can come up with a suitable regex.

Sorry I didn’t understand what you meant exactly:
But in my work we are using ID entering for beneficiaries to avoid duplicating in names … to match assessment data with distribution data:
ID number is unique for all citizens and consists from 11 numbers… so in above regex i force enumerators to add only number with “text” type of question… we have 2 languages Arabic and English… Some times they are laptops to fill data into server

Unfortunately, multi-lingual regexs are beyond my scope of expertise (I don’t even know if you can do them). Perhaps someone else here who has successfully implemented constraint checking against non-English text input can provide some insight?

Yes Dear we are using Arabic Language mainly but the form in English as you know, So to prevent people making mistake I did that regex.

Dear @stephanealoo,

I have the exact same question as asked by @Collins. I am having a hard time in understanding your code - where do I paste it in my Excel form?

I have two date variables : 1) date of survey and 2) date of birth

Would really appreciate if you could help me understand this.

Thanking in anticipation.

Hi @mahrukhkhan

That was such a long time. There is now an article that clearly describes how to do advanced calculation. Kindly check on it here and if you don’t find your solution, please type your question and example so that we can chime in on it.


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Hi @stephanealoo,

Actually my question is not just about the calculation of dates. It is about the display of the calculation in Years, Months.

I have a date variable which opens up the calendar to enter date of survey.
I have another date variable which opens up the calendar to enter the date of birth.

I then calculate the age by subtracting the date of birth from the date of survey. In my data set, if the child is 15 months old, the age displayed is “15 months”. However, I want the display to be “1 year 3 months”.

Is it possible to do this on Kobo?

Please let me know if there is a solution to this.

I created a form just to explain this find it attached hereCalculateExamples.xls (26 KB)

Focus on the area shown below

Your output should be something like this

And as indicated by @Xiphware FYI depending on how pedantic you wish to be, you might be interested in this thread (specifically discussing leap years…). But since you just want years and months here - that is, the precise number of days doesn’t matter - the impact of leap years will be nominal.


That worked. Thank you so much @stephanealoo! Really appreciate your effort.


FYI depending on how pedantic you wish to be, you might be interested in this thread (specifically discussing leap years…). But since you just want years and months here - that is, the precise number of days doesn’t matter - the impact of leap years will be nominal.


Hi @Xiphware,

Thanks for the link. This is super useful!

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@Xiphware adding this component to the solution

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Dear @stephanealoo, about age calculation, how does one do it directly from the KoBoToobox form generation to get this kind 0f form preview as per your post. The article on Advanced Use of Calculate Questions does not seem to explain well.