Bring data into Tableau dashboard (live)

Hello community,
I am wondering if anyone else is having issue using the Web Connector for Kobotoolbox. I keep getting the message “System Error Please Try Again”, when trying to connect to the server from tableau public. I don’t get to the stage where I can see the list of my forms.
My token is clearly fine, because I use the same to pull data into google sheets.
Are there any alternative solutions to pulling data into tableau?
Thank you!

J’ai le même problème, j’ai toujours du mal à connecter Tableau à mes données KoboToolbox via l’API.
J’espère qu’il y’aura d’autres propositions de solutions…

Welcome to the community, @clemensg! Have you tried using this API that has been discussed in our other post? cc: @Adnan

Hi guys,

The thing I don’t understand is from the WDC I have access to forms on with option “kobotoolbox: humanitarian” and “kobo custom installation” and it works but I don’t have access on my own server with custom installation.

I know all informations are rights because it works with

We need to know what is missing in the configuration of the server. :slight_smile:

I’ve found a solution for my own server.

The problem come from the API URL.
I’ve written this url:
It worked fine. I can use datas from kobo to Tableau.
Hope it could help.

Thanks for the advice.
I have tried that, but it also does not work.
Found a way around it, by exporting to google sheets and then connecting the google sheet with tableau. You need to refresh manually though, but its only one additional click.

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@clemensg, thank you for sharing this with the entire community! It should be helpful for those willing to connect KoboToolbox with Tableau. :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

The Kobo-to-Tableau Web Data Connector ( not working. Any solution or alternative Web Data Connector

Anyone that can help?

Tried using the WDC but it’s not working at all. Any help?

Tried using the WDC but it is not working at all!

@gndichu, maybe try out as outlined by @clemensg: