Building dynamic tools

Hello Kal_Lam,

Thank you for being very helpful to us starting to use Kobo collect.

is it possible to build tools like the attached images below. Kindly help.

Hello kal_Lam,

Am trying to input the grid theme format in kobo collect shown below and using the excel form. kindly help.

@KNIE, you could do it as outlined in this enketo blog.

Thank you for the recommendation. However it isn’t helpful I had looked at it before i sent the question but it doesn’t provide assistance i requested

@KNIE, could you also let the community know what is not working? Maybe that would help the community to assist you with the issue.

More than one question can appear in the 1 row without allocating each question a column.

@KNIE, where will you have the response if you try to put all the questions in one row? Wouldn’t it be difficult to capture the response for all of them?

I was having this idea of text questions which would be in the same cell separated by the line. some thing like I shared.

@KNIE, much clear now. Well, this format is not supported yet. Maybe you will need to compromise here.

I see okay. Thank you so much for your time. Also is it possible to make the checkbox where respondents put right numbers in a checkbox instead of ticks?

@KNIE, sorry! This too is not possible.

Alright, thank you

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