Calculate in dynamic repeat activated despite skip - giving error for online submission edit

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Hello @Josh, @jnm , @Kal_Lam
Do we have any news on this, please?. The bug is still there, we tested again today, after the latest release. Is there a github entry to follow up, please?
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No. Please observe that the latest release did not update Enketo.

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Thanks @jnm,

Still no :slight_smile: but we’ll respond here when we have some progress to share.


Hi @wroos, sorry for the delay. Here is the GitHub issue that you can track. Note that there is no guaranteed timeline for a fix so please be patient.


Hi @wroos, while reading through the ODK docs, I noticed this warning that reminded me of the issue we were trying to figure out here:

if you have a calculate widget that adds together two previous responses, you cannot use relevant to skip in the case of missing values. (Missing values will cause an error.)

I took your Bug XLSForms above and after applying their suggestion it seems to work as you intended it — can you confirm if this is the case?

Here are the forms with my changes:
Bug Edit01-fixed.xlsx (10.3 KB)
Bug Edit02-fixed.xlsx (9.9 KB)


Thanks @Josh!
Really good finding, which also explains why the same worked as integer type.

If I understand well, it means that ALL calculation types are always “fired”, even in an empty repeat (count 0) or a non-relevant group. So, a relevant clause together with a calculation type NEVER makes sense. Could you confirm, please?

To add a hint/link in KoBo calculation support article might help the community.
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Hi @wroos, yes that does seem to explain why it worked with integer.

That’s my understanding from the above warning and the experience I had when looking into this before — I was also under the impression that it may have been a bug but I guess it was designed that way for a reason.

I will update the support article :+1:


I adapted the tags of the thread now (no more “bug”). :slightly_smiling_face: