Calculate multiple-choice questions (composite index)

Hi! I need to get a score by adding different values form certain choices in different questions.
I will describe some of the questions i am working with, the possible choices will appear below the question and the associated score in parentheses,

  1. ‘Age at first criminal activity’
    -‘At the age of 14 or older.’ (2)
    -‘Between 10 and 14 years of age’ (4)
    -‘Before 10 years of age’ (6)

  2. ‘Previous imprisonment records’
    -‘No previous records’ (1)
    -‘Records after the age of 1o’ (2)
    -‘Records before the age of 10’ (3)

  3. ‘Years of schooling’
    -‘Finished middle school (4 or less years of school dropout)’ (2)
    -‘Early dropout (more than 4 years of school dropout)’ (4)
    -‘Dropout during elementary school’ (6)

I have tried to crate dummy questions with calculate but somehow the don’t work. I have absolutely no control over the questions, nor the possible choices or associated values, so i need to work with those.

Welcome to the community, @cmarambi! This post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Thank you very much. It was really helpful. I only have one more question and it is about how can i create labels according to the calculated number. E.g. The calculated number indicates a level of complexity which can be low, medium low, medium high and high, and that needs to appear at the end of the form.

OK, you could then prefill your choices labeled as Low, Medium and High as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Thank you so much again, but i would like it no to appear in the form of a select one type of question but rather a note.

I need it to be like this:

Total score: 47 (Low complexity)

That score is an index to evaluate the complexity of a certain intervention on certain subjtect. The numbers goe like this: >=48 Low; <=49 and >=64 Medium low; <=65 and >=74 Medium High; >75 High.

The name of the specific question cited in the calculation is [CPT]

So i think it should go as something like: if({CPT}=>49 and {CPT}=<64, “Medium Low”,0)

Maybe you could follow this discussion discussed previously if you wish to calculate a value from a range using the if-statement: