Can KoBoCollect and ODK Collect be used simultaneously to collect data?

Again, can we use both ODK collect and kobo collect for the same project/same questions? does this have effect to data exporting or data analysis?


I noticed multiple issues (different queries) in your post. So to document them smoothly i split this issue to a different post so that it can be indexed properly and users with similar query could reference for the same.

Regarding your query:

Yes. You could use either KoBoCollect android app or the ODK Collect android app to collect data for your survey project. To learn more about these two please feel free to view our post that has been discussed previously:

@Kal_Lam many thanks for your kind and valuable support. it’s really helpful and noted it.

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Why use both? Pay attention in parts they might react differently.
Also see Constraint not working well on re-edit of saved filled form (KoBoCollect 1.28.0)

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