Cannot post a submission

Hi, here.
I’m having Improperly formatted XML. when trying to post submission from postman in JSON format
The form is built with several groups (begin_group - end_group). In JSON format the names of these groups and the fields inside them are separated by / , For example,: personal_information/first_name

Can someone help me resolve this issue?

Hi @sheku_munu_kc,

Would you mind providing the detail of what you have done and what you intend to do so that someone from the community could have a closer look at your issue and then provide an appropriate solution for you.

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Thanks @Kal_Lam
We have been using kobo as the data software to help combat COVID-19 in our country. And I’m exploring a way of making the process of collecting data between different sets of people easier.
We have a webform (used by call-center operators) that captures information from callers reporting health-related cases. We have a script that fetches submission from kobo at intervals, process the submissions, composes and sends SMS (if required and with some details from a submission) to people (DSO) responsible to do the follow-up on the case and then they will give feedback.

Before the current emergency, they visit the site, validate the situation and come back with that information in person to the operators and the case (submission) will be updated with feedback from the DSO. But now we want to have a small form for DSO in mobile devices from which they could just enter their feedback together with the id (included in the SMS) to uniquely Identified the case (submission).
The problem now is connecting the webform submission and the android form submission. We decided to have a script that fetches submissions (feedback) from mobile devices and update their corresponding webform submission with the feedback.
I was exploring API support to merge the mobile form submission with a webform submission when I have above error with the post

Hi @sheku_munu_kc
Thank you so much for the excellent work you are doing in helping t o flatten the curve during this COVID-19 .

Based on the explanation you have just provided, it seems that you have actually been able to figure everything out except the below

As you have mentioned, webform and the android collect forms are two different projects from a structural perspective. As it is, there is no way on the platform to combine these two. Similarly, I don’t think the solution would only come from use of API alone. You will need an additional platform that merges the two before you can be able to process them. I know of a project that utilized the same approach.



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Thanks @ stephanealoo

Since we have been using elastic and kibana we will use it instead in place of Airtable and PowerBi

We appreciate your support


Hi @sheku_munu_kc
Thanks for responding back. It would be really interesting if you share your experience and workarounds with the community. This sharing always helps in building onto our community forum agenda.


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