Cannot upload XLSForm to the Humanitarian Server


I have been unable (for the past 2-3 hours) to upload an XLSForm on the Humanitarian Server.

I can confirm that the same XLSForm uploads without issue to the non-Humanitarian Server at
I have additionally validated the same XLSForm through the online validator at ODK - XLSForm Online.

The steps taken that lead in particular to the issue:

Log into the Humanitarian Server (kobo.humanitarianresponse)
For the given project, select:

  • “Replace form”
  • “Upload an XLSForm”
  • [Drag and drop the XLSForm]
    And the screen stays on “Uploading file…” with the spinning icon.

Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Hi! I’m experiencing the same issue. I have a very simple form that I have validated using the online validator. Is something going on with the server right now?

Welcome to the community, @kap! @kap, @daniceguzman, did you validate your XLSForm through this online validator? The online validator should help you identify syntax issues if any are present.

Thank you and yes, I confirm that I have validated my XLSForm through the online validator; I have additionally tested it on the non-Humanitarian server (kf.kobotoolbox) and can confirm it was able to upload on that server.

@kap, thank you for bringing this to the community! We will get back to you once we resolve this issue.