Changing XML values after for deployed

We have just finished data collection for a survey. I have discovered that the XML values for some responses are incorrect/confusing. For example, some responses have data label “yes” and xml value “no” and vice versa.

If I understand correctly, I can change the XML values in the Form Builder and then redeploy the form before downloading the data. Can someone please confirm if this is correct? We have not changed or redeployed the form since data collection started so I do not have any experience with this.

Thank you.

@sdalle, i would clean them and manage them manually in an different dataset. You may have to face issues with your choices name if you attempt what you have outlined above:

Ok, thanks for the advice

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Hi @sdalle

I want to emphasize data management with values and value labels. One should note the following system behavior;

             **Your data structure is mapped by the most recent deployment**

This denotes that the system will consider your most recent definition of values to label the data, and you could end up with the following errors if you change the value labels:

Let us say you had 1=No and 2=Yes (versions 1), and you changed the form to have 0=No and 1=Yes, (version 2) all data collected on version 1 for say No will now be construed as a Yes.

The above issue brings about a major challenge in data management which requires that you
manage externally by creating a log of your changes and affected data batches.

This can, however, be avoided, and as @wroos always says, only deploy a final version of the form you actually intend to use on the field. Make all your reviews and probably deploy your final project afresh.


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