Configuring GPS to capture fast

Am inquiring whether there is a way I can set the GPS question to capture very fast and with a better accuracy, Is there a way I can predetermine the accuracy of all GPS’ captured i.e to be less than a 2m radius

You can specify accuracy as parameter in a bind column. See example of Kal_Lam below.

In addition, you may also optimise your Android location configuration, e.g. like

@alexiga, apart from what @wroos has suggested you could also have a look at this post discussed previously (it should help you solve your issue):

Note: I don’t think a commercial GPS device is able to capture the accuracy <3 m. Hence if you are using a smartphone the accuracy could be >=3 meters depending upon the budget.

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@wroos, how?

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@alexiga, you could do it as shown in the image below:


Reference xlsform:

Accuracy.xls (31 KB)

Note: 5 is the 5 meter threshold I have used for this survey project.