Connecting Kobotoolbox to Google Data Studio

I’m trying to replicate the tutorial How to get data into Google Data Studio? that connects kobotoolbox to Google Data Studio.
I managed to connect my data but only two fields were downloaded.

Thank you.

I have the same problems as well

Anyone that can give us an answer?

Could you try detailing your steps and then capture various areas which had an issue. I am also looping in the initial contributor (@ mohan_n so that we see if there is a specific step you may have missed. Quick pointers:

  1. You need to connect when there is at-least some data collected (probably for each variable)
  2. Check to see if you explored the data


My data set has 2,544 entries, followed @mohan_n instructions, and I still get the same error as @iphoscstatistician

Did someone find a solution? Appreciate all the responses.

Hi @iancg
This is still an open issue.


Thank you for the response, Stephane.

Eureka! I did it, see my response here: How to get data into Google Data Studio?


May I request a detailed steps of your solution from accessing your KOBO API to DATA STUDIO connection?

Thanks @Ray! for your solution.

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FYI this was answered in the other thread: How to get data into Google Data Studio?