Connecting with Power Bi

Hi All

I was able to connect my form to the Power Bi but now I am having this message whenever tried to refresh “the column ‘Meta/instanceID’ of the table wasn’t found”

please for help and support.

Hi @arahi,

Would you mind sharing with us the screenshot of the issue you are having while connecting your form with Power Bi.

Have a great day!

In addition to what @Kal_Lam has requested, could you provide as much detail as possible when raising an issue that you are experiencing. This really helps in ensuring that we have as much information during our first attempt at supporting you .


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This is a problem with one of your data columns i.e. meta/instanceID which is causing the problem. Could you check on how this is defined when you pull the data. It should solve your issue.


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thanks a lot

I pulled that data but don’t know where and how to check, would you please help me further @stephanealoo

Could you look for the column labelled instanceID on your data and

No thing like this in the data, any other way that I can trace the issue from

As you see when I pull the Data on power Bi, this column is there, but it was not existed on the Kobo when I check from there, for your kind support @Kal_Lam @stephanealoo

Hi @arahi
What values does it correspond to on Kobo. Could you please check your PowerBi syntax on the advanced editor of your query to correspond to what is in Kobo or remove the meta/ID from variables/columns being added.


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Thanks, it worked and issue was fixed

many thanks for the support.

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