Converting Decimal into Percentages

Dear Support,
In calculations, when you divide numbers the format that is available is decimals. Is there any way to convert that format into percentages?

Could you give an example for this so that the community would be able to understand your issue?

Male: 6
Female: 7
Total number of pupil: 13
Percentage of Male: 46% (I need this value to be in percentage rather than in decimal)

@velbon, please be informed that KoBoToolbox does not support % but you could use them to display it through note questions as discussed in our previous post:

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I figured out a better solution to get a whole number for percentage.
Enter the target (Q1)
Enter actual number(Q2)

To get the percentage of the achievement.
Type=calculate, name=Q1n2%, and calculation = round (${Q2} div ${Q1}) * 100, 0)

Display as a note as ${Q1n2%}%



Welcome to the community, @Bokot! Thank you for sharing this wonderful workaround with the community! :clap: :heart: :partying_face: Expecting the same in the upcoming days too!

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