Copy projects to new account

i have kobotoolbox account
and i have more than 150 projects (forms).
now i need to take a copy to all projects(without data) to another account in one step ?
how i can do that ?
i try (share project) or (download .xls file) but i need easier way

Hi @rahhal,

Seems like you wish to copy all the survey forms (but not it’s records) to another account in a single click.

Kindly please be informed that this feature is not available in KoBoToolbox at the moment. However, there is a workaround for this but it may take several steps as outlined below:

  • Download all the survey forms (that you need) in the xlsform format from your old KoBoToolbox user account following the instruction as outlined here.
  • Upload them one by one in your new KoBoToolbox user account.
  • Deploy them.

If you still need the feature you have requested in your post above, please fill out the New Feature Request here.

Have a great day!

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Just to add that

Once you do this, people have to sync to this account on their data collection devices to submit the data. They cannot submit the data from devices that are linked to the older account