Create choices list from repeat group

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Here is the situation: I have a form contains 4 repeated groups. one is for household members information, the rest of the repeated groups are related to the information entry from the group. I mean , lets say that we have 5 members, the rest 3 repeated groups will not show 5 times for all members, a group will show for 5 members other will show for 3 members other will show for 4 members. It depends.

After I made many attempts and failed I’m seeking the help from you.

Is there a way to create a dynamic choices list, based on the number of the repeats from the repeated group (family member number), this list contains the names of the members as a labels as they were entered by enumerators?

Or it is too complicated and cannot done in KoBo?

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updated to email below.

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Thank you for your reply, @wroos . As you mentioned, I have searched for the same issue and couldn’t find anything related. I would kindly ask you to reread the issue and then reply. My issue is not to create a choices list from a normal question, my issue is to creat a list ( i dont know how many options will be in it) the list of the names of the family after they were entered in a repeated group.

I have a repeated group will ask about the names and ages of the family members, I want to created a list from those family members.


Sorry, if it was misunderstood by me.
Maybe the following is more helpful for you to develop a solution?
(Don’t worry, please, about the “random” aspect here.) The join creates here a person “list” in a string, separated by blanks. The string/list elements can than be adressed/separated with selected-at(…) and count-selected(…) function.

Perhaps also the new select from repeat option might be interesting for you
But also be aware of (@Kal_Lam for status news?)

Might be further adapted with appearance and read_only.

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Hi wroos, Thanks so much for this solution. Are you able to please share the xls form for this?

Welcome back to the community, @barcar! You should be able to find the sample XLSform in this post that has been discussed previously: