Creating a warning sign if a QR/barcode is scanned twice

Hello everyone,

I have a form where the user scans different barcodes and enters the some information for each barcode (coded in a repeat group). I am trying to create some sort of warning if the same barcode was scanned twice so as to avoid entering the same data twice.

Has anyone done this before? or have any ideas?


Just to ensure that this conclusively answers any scenario from your question:
Scenario 1: If you want to check this in different instances of the form i.e. when you open a new form, then this will not work since there is no way to effect a check between two instances of a form

Scenario 2: Probably suggested by your post.; if you have a repeat group and you want to ensure that one bar code is not repeated then you may have to take the following steps:
Option Without Using a Repeat Group

References.xls (34.5 KB)


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Thanks @stephanealoo, I was indeed referring to scenario 2

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