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Dear Community,

I have problem in Navigation Pane (I put image below), is there a way how to use navigation pane only question only, and properly not answer or group tabel with additional.

I need your advice, or should I remove that function?


@bwijoyo, could you be specific with your issue so that we could have a look to see if there is any that we could help you out?

Hi @Kal_Lam

Thanks for asking,

My problem is how to show in the navigation pop-op menu show properly only list questions without blank in red I pointed.

the option answer should I response is

  1. Search a way,
  2. if possible to disable icon navigation pane.

I hope my explanation is clear


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These might be form elements without label. Could you provide an extract of your form, showing the types and labels for the related parts, please? For ex. the elements after “TA 2019” and “Pada proses …”

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Hi @wroos

Thanks for asking,

That is the table question. :slight_smile:

Should I change or group in?

Hello @bwijoyo,
Could you download/export your form as XLS and send it or the relevant part, please?
You can then also upload and check it with this online validator .

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Hi @wroos

Thanks for advice,

v2.xlsx (62.7 KB)

here is my xlsform, and you need to select agancies first for example Dinas Kesehatan to continue next question then you will know in the navigation pane.

again, thank you so much.


@bwijoyo, I see that you have used some styling prompts to hide labels:

Try providing labels there and that should solve your issue.

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Hi @Kal_Lam

Thanks I put span there because want to tabel appearance like picture below.

By the way I found other thread that you propose to edit in Settings>Admin Settings>Form Entry Settings But I cannot find it.

Might feature disable or enable

Actually, my team comment is on navigation is there any function to remove button navigation or if cannot edit question with group then customize it.

Well if you need a blank there then you will also see a blank in your navigation too.

So what is the mode of data collection you are planning with? Are you planning to use the Enketo or are you planning to use the Collect android app?

Hi @Kal_Lam

Thank you, we’re plan to use enketo so web form with distributing the link.

Pinging here @martijnr to see if there is any option to hide the navigation bar (Go To Prompt) while collecting data with Enketo. cc: @Josh

@bwijoyo, this however is possible with Collect android app under the Settings>Admin Settings>Form Entry Settings and then uncheck Go To Prompt.

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Not that I know. But there is an issue filed for this that could be used to come up with a plan: Allow disabling of ToC per form · Issue #62 · enketo/enketo-express · GitHub.