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I am new to KonoToolbox. I am trying to customized the UI as per my own requirement. I am using the toolbox in my own machine. Can anyone guide me what steps needed if I need to do any changes in the UI? Like changing the label “SelectOne” to “SelectOnly” which section of code I need to look into to modify then required steps to see the changes.

Welcome to the community, @rajag! Linking you with @ks_1 who provides this type of support through his firm.

Hi @ks_1 Can you please help?

Hi @rajag
I didn’t understand your requirement… You only want to change the labels?

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Hello @rajag may be this For rebranding/ Customization discussion may help you Rebranding - #4 by stephenoduor

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Thanks for responding @ks_1 and @stephenoduor .

@stephenoduor Not exactly what you are referring . Let’s say I want add one attribute to my question response. Which are the area in the KPI code I have to look into (the changes are both in UI/Model and required DB table) next if I do the the changes which script I need to run for new build so that the UI/API should be handle the new added attribute.