Data collected on form from ONA

We were working through We collected and processed some 100 surveys. For some reason ONA quit processing the data and their programmers cannot resolve the issue. In the meantime we have another 200 completed questionnaires. We uploaded the xls form to Kobo. It’s verified and deployed. Is there a way to process that data we were gathering on the ONA ODK collect in Kobo?

Hello @timotuck,

Could I suggest you to manully upload all submissions to KoBo? It might solve your problem. Here is an article about that:

Hope this works.

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@timotuck, along with what @hakan_cetinkaya has advised, maybe you could also give a try to this post discussed previously using the python code:

@timotuck, you should also be able to migrate projects from the source server to the destination server (using ODK Briefcase) as outlined in the post discussed previously:

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