Data is lost when correcting data in a submitted form

Hi @BartRoelandt,

Could you share with me your username, project name and the _id that is having issue through a private message. Would like to have a closer look at it and see if i am able to find any issue in it.

Yes, no problem. I will give you a test-username with all permissions on that project.
What is your private email adress - or how do I send a private message?
Bart Roelandt

Follow the post discussed previously to send a private message:

Hi @BartRoelandt,

I observed that you have 2 users where one is the admin and the other is the data_collection account. You have designed and deployed your survey project through the admin user and have shared all the features with the data_collection account. You then collected the data and then tried editing the submissions through the data_collection account.

I tried out the same in my end and it works (with my dummy project). However, i could not open your survey project as the loading was very slow due to a large volume of questions (approximately 368). Would you mind trying the same with a dummy question just to see if it works and not with the correct survey project that has 368 question.

Kindly please let us know what happens. It should work (as it worked for me at my end).

Hi Kal_Lam,
I made a new project, called “A test for kobo” in which I only retained the first part of my project that gives problems beeing edited.

You can try it yourself with the login I have sent you before.

But the result is the same (although the form opens quickly now as it is small): I cannnot edit as the dropdown are not filled with the expected items from the csv.

The issue seems to be prevailing even while filling your survey project form. Thus, i guess it’s kind of a form design error that you are having.

Would you mind trying it out with a simple example shared in the post discussed previously:

Hello Kal Lam,
The example “Pull Data for Dates” works very well!
I filled a survey with nr 3 on ODK-collect, uploaded the survey to KoboToolbox and edited it without problem to nr 2 and it responded well.

So your idea is that the problem lies within my form - the way it is built? Or does Enketo not work well when using cascade select or repeats that use external csv’s?

Do you have an example with a cascade-select that uses an external csv that works well?
And do you have an example with a repeat that uses an external csv that works well?

Bart Roelandt

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You could try it with a cascading select question for a select_one_from_file question type as discussed in the post previously:

Hello Kal Lam,

Thank you for this link, but I would like to see an example of a cascade select that uses an external csv.
My list of items in the cascade select is 33918.
I do not think the from will work if I put such long list in the tab “choices”?

For the same reason I would like to see an example of a repeat that uses an external csv that works well

Best regards,
Bart Roelandt

Hi @BartRoelandt,

The link shared has a workaround for a cascading select with an external csv file. Have you tried them?

Could you explain us more on:

Hello Kal Lam,
Yes, I did try the example (Adding cascading question sets in XLS Form (Option 1), and it works well.
But that is a regular cascade select, where the choice-list is put in the tab “choices”.
Do you suggest I should put my list of 33918 choices in the tab “choices”?

The thing about a “repeat that uses an extarnal csv” is the second part in my form that does not work well on kobotoolbox (see my privat message to you). I will make a second form called “A test for kobo2”, which contains only that part of my form.
I will give a sign when it is uploaded and deployed, so you can see what I mean.

Bart Roelandt

Hello Kal Lam,

I did upload and deploy the form “A test for kobo2”.
This is the second part of my original form which cannot be edited in kobotoolbox.
I tried editing this shorter version of my original form but editing is still impossible.

This part of my original form is used to enter species found in a plot and then enter a coverage code for each species present in the plot.
The species are entered one by one in a repeat
The long species list (external csv with 10725 species) is filtered using a string that is entered by the surveyor.

Bart Roelandt

Regarding your issue:

No, you should manage them through the csv file as outlined in the example shared.

I do not see that in the example.
Can you copy the text here?

Now I see - I did push the link “here”, not the link “Select-one choice filter from another select_one”

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The example is a bit confusing as CDC_code is in the csv file used as items in the field “list_name” but also as fieldname of the field “CDC_Code” itself .

So I do not know what the CDC_code 's in the survey fields “name” “label” and “choice_filter” are reffering to - to the field or to the records?

Or do they all need to have the same text?

Bart Roelandt

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Would you mind having a look at our support article Adding Cascading Select Questions. It should be able to simplify your query.

Yes, I did, but that is the one example I said it was just a regular cascade select, where the choice-list is put in the tab “choices”, not in an external csv.

What I need is a cascade-select with different levels (5 levels in my case!)
With the choice-items coming from one (of more?) external csv-files (as the number of items in the choice-list is very high)
And it must be disigned such that editing is possible on the Kobotoolbox-platform (with Enketo)

Hello Kal Lam,

I did figure out where the different “CDC_Code”'s did refer to :smiley:
So I succeeded in building a 5 level cascade-select as in your example.
It works fine! And I could edit some survey’s in Kobotoolbox/Enketo.

Really good! I want to thank you again for your help!

Now I have to tackle the next problem:

  • the one with the repeat’s. Did you have the time to look at my example “A test for kobo2”?

Best regards,
Bart Roelandt

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Hi @BartRoelandt
I do hope you are fine. I work with @Kal_Lam and I am looking at your form dubbed “A test for kobo2.”. When I try running the form, I see the following

Quick query as I look through your form and specifically this part

I cannot see the csv file uploaded onto the project. Could you confirm if this has been done.

In the meantime, I would recommend a slight test to see if this will resolve your issue
search(‘soorten_hab’, ‘contains’, ‘dutchname_key, scientname_key’, ${soortk})
could you please try by forcing a search on one column to see if the issue is resolved e.g.
search(‘soorten_hab’, ‘contains’, ‘scientname_key’, ${soortk})

Most importantly, when you say this does not work within your repeat, does it mean the search does not work or the repeat does not work? PS: My response/queries above is pegged on the assumption that the search does not work.


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