Data Validation - Support Needed

Dear Colleagues,

I kindly need your support for validating some figurres in Kobo Toolbox. We collect data for beneficiaries who received cash assistance and we need to understand, where it was spent. An example is given below:

A family recevied USD 500. They spent:

Buy Food: 100 (not to increase from 500)
Buy Medicine: 200 (not to increase 500-Food)
Spend on Ceremony: 100 (not increase 500 - (Food+Medicine)
Spent on other things: 100 (not to increase 500 - (Food+Medicine+Ceremony)
Total Spent: 500 (This should not increase from the actual receipt).

The question is a multiple choice one.
Thank you,

Hello @rahmat,

It seems you need to use series of calculations, required fields etc. There are some posts and help articles for you:

If you need further help, I will happily try to provide.

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