Default language now working while collecting data

I have the project in English and Spanish, but I want the language menu for the respondants, to show first the Spanish option; but it always shows English by default, as the firt option. How can I revert this?. Thanks

Are you having issue while trying to collect data through Enketo?

no, so far no issues

Could you kindly explain your issue?

The questionnaire has the language menu at the top-right, there are two options: English and Spanish. the default option when you access the questionnaire is English, while I prefer to be Spanish as most of the respondants will use this language, How can I make that the language menu will show first the Spanish option, rather than the English one?

Have you configured your default language to Spanish in the Collect android app? What do you see?


This is what I have.
I am on a PC

It shows by default English in teh questionnaire

Well if this is the case, would you mind having a look at our post discussed previously (it should help you solve your issue):

Thanks a lot

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