Deleting the entries from roster

I am doing a form in which the group repeats itself. My problem is that I am unable to delete the last group occurrence from the repeat loop. When I delete the last group and press submit in the kobo web, it is taking forever to respond and submit. Please help me with the issue.

Thank youasQZ3mAJCgM2RnfTrvx9PX.xlsx (10.9 KB)

Hi @rohith_kumar
Could you please share the process in which you are using to delete the group occurrence? Which method of data collection is using, is it Collect or Enketo?

In the last part of your message, can you help us connect the issue with deleting a repeat loop?

Does it mean that when you do not delete the repeat loop, the form does not take forever to respond?

Could you try adding one question out of the repeat group and see if it resolves the issues too? Something as simple as below


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Dear Stephanealoo, I am collecting the data in Kobo mobile app. I am facing the problem when I edit the form in Kobo website (powered by enketo )under data section. Let me explain my issue with the help of example. As you have seen there is a repeat loop in the form. now for example I have repeated the group for 3 times, but there was some error in 3rd repetition, so I wish to delete the 3rd group, and when I try doing this and press submit, it is just taking forever to respond (like the buffering in youtube) and not submitting the form, however when I edit the data and submit, it is submitting with no issues, but when I want to delete the last repetition, it is just not happening.

Hi @rohith_kumar,

I could reproduce your issue by doing the following:

  • Upload the xlsform that you have shared above.
  • Deploy the survey project.
  • Collect data through Enketo.
  • Make 3 repeats and then try to delete the last repeat.
  • While trying to Submit you see something as shown in the image below:

Could you kindly confirm if this is what you see at your end too? Did i get the steps correct to reproduce the issue.

Did you try adding a note question as I had indicated in my response on message 2?

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Hi Kal_lam

I have done exactly the same, but with small differencce as given below

I am collecting the data kobo toolbox on mobile and tried editing on the kobo website. not only 3 repeats, but any number of repeats

When I delete one repeat and click submit, the same image shows with the blue color bar moving back and forth.

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Have you tried with 2 repeats only? Could you kindly please confirm!

Hi Stephanealoo

The problem still continues even after I put the note question at the end. I am attaching the PDF version of the filled form.
As you can see there are 5 groups and the last group is not at all answered. When I delete any other group (1 or 2 or 3 or 4) and click submit, it is taking the form happily but when I try to delete the 5th group and click the submit, it is taking forever to submit. Even if I add one more group, it is submitting happily.
My main problem is why am I not able to delete the last group.

I am collecting the data in kobo mobile android app and editing (deleting) the groups in the kobo website under the data section of the project.

(Attachment Urban Sprawl-Covid Survey community.pdf is missing)

Hi @rohith_kumar,

It seems like your pdf attachment is missing. Could you kindly refresh your page and then try uploading it again.

the file is in pdf version and I am unable to upload. please help

Yeah, I have given it a try just now and there is no issue with 2 repeats. I filled the form(in mobile app) with 2 repeats and then deleted the 2nd repeat (kobo web) and the form has been submitted successfully. I see that for 3 or more repeats, the problem is occurring.
If this is the problem then please help me with this.

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Hi @rohith_kumar,

This seems to be a bug with Enketo. I have created a GitHub issue. You could follow the same here:

Hi @rohith_kumar,

As a temporary workaround you could edit the same as outlined below:

  • Edit your repeat groups (i.e. remove the repeats).
  • Instead of pressing the Submit simply press Save Draft.
  • You should be able to save it as draft without any issue.
  • No go back to the draft as shown in the image below:
  • Press the pen like edit and then press Submit.

Doing so you should be able to submit your edits.

Dear Kal_lam, I am sorry to inform you that I am not getting save draft option. I wanted to inform you previously but I actually forgot to mention it.

However I am proceeding with data collection using repeat count function, so that the enumerator cannot select unwanted repeat groups.
But Please help me with the issue and bug.

Thank You.

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Dear Kal_lam, I believe that you have gone through my xls file. I would also like to bring one more issue and that is, as you can see there is a function jr;choice-name (calculate question) to extract the option selected and to display it in the following question. When I am using mobile phone to collect the data, the form is displaying the selected option in the follow up questions, but when I try to collect data using Kobo web (i.e. Enketo) the selected option is not displaying in the follow up question.

Please kindly look into this issue also.

Thank You.

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My bad! You should only see this when you are collecting data and not while editing data from the KoBoToolbox server.

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This should not be an issue. Maybe you could follow the discussion (for better understanding) that has happened previously:

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Hi @rohith_kumar,

Kindly please be informed that the resent release of Enketo 2.5.4 has fixed this issue. For more, please feel free to visit this post: