Deployment errow " No JSON object could be coded'

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Hello team, I hope you’are doing well, I’m working on a projet but I’m having some issue with my form. Please can someone help me solve the problem I’m facing? I’ve done coding my xlsform bellow and its working properly when I preview but when I’m trying to deploy, the error message appears " NO JSON object oould be coded’’ what can I do to solve this issu? can a volontee work on my xlsform and send it back to me with the resolution? looking forward to hear from you soon.

Hello @williamouchi,
you have a typing (inversed) error in line 319, in constraint cell:
${menagepro} =! ${effectif_menage} must be
${menagepro} != ${effectif_menage}
If you correct it, it should work.
Hint: In this line you have the SAME condition in the relevant cell. So, your errorneous constraint might even to be deleted here?
Also, you have similar duplication (relevant cell = constraint cell) in other lines, e.g. 269, 279, 289, 299, 309.

“No JSON error” often results from such simple typing errors, like: > = instead of >= or '…" instead of ‘…’… Esp. in relevant, constraint or calculation cell.
Preview seems to work in such cases, (but your constraint would not fire). The error shows on deploy.

See also previous community discussion (and examples):

To localise those errors, you can delete step by step and try to deploy: e.g. whole column relevant, If deployment ok, then step by deleting/empty 100 sequencing. cells, etc.

Sometimes also might help. In your case it shows another problem, you should fix

Kind regards


Hi, I hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for your support. Thanks to your mentoring I’ve been able to find out the error and I can continue working properly.

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