Design a survey form to calculate the Pre and Post test scoring

Hello all,

So i’m trying to add scores to pre-test survey in order to receive the score on the spot. can anyone help?

Welcome to the community @christal_azzam! Would you mind being specific so that the community would be able to help you out.

I wanted to share the file with the community but since i’m new here i’m still not allowed :frowning:
Basically, we have online training classes and we have prepared pre and post tests to be conducted online using Kobo toolbox. I have added the xml value to each option, giving the correct answer 1 point. I want kobo to calculate the total score on the survey in order to obtain it quickly instead of having to download the file (with XML values) and doing it manually. Is it possible? Am I making sense?

You should now be able to add files to the community. But you will need to refresh your browser first. Regarding your query, we have a lot of workarounds which should solve your issue:

and here is another one …

Thank youuuu soooooo much!!! :heart_eyes: it worked!!! :dancer: :dancer:

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