Designing a survey question with external csv files

I want test select_one_external.
I took the example file from :
Example file available :

But it don’t work for me. In enketo it don’t show list populated with information.
I tried to create my own xlsform and it doesn’t recognize my external_sheet named “external_choices”

Can you help me with this question type?

Thank you for your reply.

Maybe this post discussed previously should be helpful:

At the same time, I would also advise you to use the select_one_from_file that is able to handle external csv files.

For details, please view our support article Select One or Many From External File Question Type. We also have some workarounds in our community:

A simple workaround of using select_one_from_file question type:

If you wish to use the cascading select with select_one_from_file question type:

Hi @Kal_Lam ,
Thank you for your reply.
But following the advices from @NoelCartONG, I can’t deploy my form. Could you confirm me “select_one_external” field works with Kobo or if example file I send works for you?
Thank you for example of select_one_from_file field works very well for me

@sg60060, kindly please be informed that you could manage your survey project through select_one_external question type as discussed in our previous post: