Disabling editing answer once entered


For one of my data collection forms, I have the 3 sections. I have to enter data into each of the sections at three different points in time (i.e. first section is at Time 1, second section is at Time 2 etc). Once I have entered data into section 1, I would like to “lock” the answers of that section such that a data entry operator cannot edit the answers once they have been entered. Is there a way to do this?

Thank you

Hi @triptipande
Welcome back to the community forum. I would say this may not be possible i.e. locking the user from editing. However, you can save the first version of their response in a calculate cell using the once() approach as shown in the following example I had done for an exam trial in a different support query.

When the answer is changed at a later time, the original calculation is locked to what was entered first and after the user said OK.

In implementing this on your form, I would suggest adding a calculation question for every question within each section but after the section is completed, that allows the person to change during the administration of the section only and once they click ok, their original choices will be the one on record.

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