Display big-image not working

I am using big-image to provide zoom and pan functions for image display. however it is not working as expected. I have tried with a small and a large resolution image.
aFuwiH2Ci5k6HVEJR96Zpc.xlsx (9.3 KB)

@asif, it seems like you are trying to use a new pyxform feature supported in v1.12.0 and above. Please be informed that KoboToolbox currently is using v1.9.0. FYR:

Doesn’t work either swapping columns or changing to “big_image”. could you please provide a working example for panning and zooming images.
Ref: Form Styling - ODK Docs
I think I am using correct syntax.

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@asif, I will update you once KoboToolbox is updated to v1.12.0 which shall support the feature you are seeking. Thank you for your kind patience & understanding!