Display coordinates in decimal degrees in KoBoCollect during data collection

I’m new to KoBo Toolbox.

I’m trying to find out if there is a setting I can change so the geographic coordinates appear in decimal degrees during data collection in KoBoCollect?

The default latitude and longitude in KoBoCollect are in degree minute second.

I know that the coordinates are saved in decimal degrees in the resulting database but we need to be able to quickly check the collected coordinates while still in the field against a table which has coordinates in decimal degrees.


I dont believe there is a config setting for the geopoint widget to change the display format. But you can always extract the raw coordinates - which are already in decimal degrees - and display them in a following note. See this thread for guidance: How can i get the GPS data in UTM Format

FYI, you could in fact check this programmatically, by say checking the distance between your position and a known location is under some prescribed limit…