Display Note In Export Data (Row Wise)

Dear @Kal_Lam

I have deployed two forms using the ‘connect projects’ functionality. Thankyou very much for the function. It resolved many real time collection issues.

I am facing an issue with ‘Note’ field. The form consists of Note field based on relevance, which results in getting the segmentation/category of beneficiaries; ‘Leftout’, ‘Dropout’, ‘Full Immunization’, ‘complete immunization’ etc. In the form, end user is getting the note as required, but in download it is not visible (row/beneficiary wise). Is there any way to get the note in download data (row wise) also?



Welcome back to the community, @aditya! If there are no inputs in the notes question type you will see it blank in the downloads too. The relevant however used in the note question type is to make the note a mandatory display during data entry (or it can also be used to flag some inconsistencies).

Maybe you could also follow an example of the same in one of our recent post:

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Thankyou @Kal_Lam for quick response, So, i will calculate the status in separately.

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Hello @aditya,
In general, dynamic label elements (${…} references) are NOT visible/stored in data set/ downloads.


Thank you for sharing