Display of the name of the eligible individual in the next repeat group question

Sorry did not understand!

Hello dear all. I created a roster to capture the different household members with their respective names.
To a question Q3. Has (name) taken a trip during the last 30 days?
In the next section on transportation, we would like the name of the individual who said trip in 30 to appear in the question as defined.
QT1.How many trips has (name) made in the last 30 days?

Hi @nomolos,

Could you kindly keep this discussion going on in this post:

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Have you tried the workaround shared above (in the post discussed previously)?

Kal_Lam, p
yes I want to ask questions for all the names or yes I want to select names and ask questions only for selected names?

OK, could you share with us your requirement (with a dummy question and choices) so that the community is able to understand and see if it’s possible in KoBoToolbox.

ok to Q1: list of household members.? here we will list all the names of the members of the household in an example roster
1 erick
2 kart
3 junior
A Q2: Have you traveled recently? this question is asked to erick, kart and junior.
Q3: What is the location of (first name)? So if erick has taken a trip then the question should be this: What is the place of destination of erick? instead of first name we now have erick? is that my concern?

You could design your xlsform as shown in the image below:

In the survey tab of your xlsform:

In the choices tab of your xlsform:

Image 2

Data entry screen as seen in Enketo:

Reference xlsform:

Household (Count) Repeat Example.xlsx (28.9 KB)

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I say thank you because it works well


I had the same issue and have tried your template, but it seems not to be working. Here is what I get:

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi @lelachakhaia
What exactly did you want the form to do? I just need to be sure that your need is clearly understood.


Hi, the question ‘What is the location XX traveled’ should refer to the family member who responded ‘yes’ to the ‘recently traveled’ question, but it automatically refers to the first names member.

Hi @lelachakhaia
Could you send the XLS form you are using I check something in it. I need the one you have used to post the screenshot you shared.


Oh, apparently I cannot upload attachment as a new user? I downloaded the xls file linked above (Household (count) Repeat Example) and used without any changes.

Hi @lelachakhaia
Can you try uploading?


I did try. I am not able to: I am receiving message that new users are not allowed to upload files.

You should try once again.

Household (Count) Repeat Example.xlsx (35.5 KB)

This time it worked.

Hi @lelachakhaia
You are using a different question design to solve an issue that is totally different. You need to try alternative execution. Could you try this and ensure you deploy.

Household (Count) Repeat Example.xlsx (36.0 KB)


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