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. I am trying to download a potion of my data from KoboCollect’s website. However, there only seems to be an option for downloading all of the data. This is quite silly, since I have changed my form’s format a few times, and am no longer interested in re-downloading all the old data that I have ever uploaded. Is there not a way to select which forms or rows to download? It seems bizarre that in the Table tab, I can select different forms or rows of data. But “download” is not one of the options I can do with selected data - in fact, I can’t really see any options that I can do with the selected data, so I really don’t see why selecting data is even an option. Am I missing something obvious here? Is there really no way that I can select certain rows/forms, and only download these?

I am using KoboCollect on my Android Samsung Galaxy and then downloading it via the web-based platform on my Win 10 PC*

Hi @phrogbecker,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind having a look at the support article Recovering data from previous form versions. It should solve your issue.

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Thanks Kal

This is not the issue I am having. I do realise that there are ways to limit the FIELDS (or columns or variables), of the output to only that of the newest FORM DEPLOYMENT (henceforth PROJECT - as in the project with a particular form design, rather than a single FORM which is filled in once, which is synonamous here with a ROW of data - Kobo’s terminology here being rather cumbersome and unspecific). However, it is the selection of different FORMS (as in ROWS of data, not columns), that I want to be able to do.

Let’s say I create a new PROJECT, with one single deployment, one single type of form. Now I fill in three FORMS on my phone (all under the same PROJECT), submit them to the cloud, and download them via the online platform. Next week, I fill in another 5 FORMS. Now, I don’t want to download all 8 FORMS that are under this PROJECT, I only want to download the 5 most recent FORMS, to add to my own datasheet. Is this possible? Or, in 5 years, will I seriously need to download 5 whole years of data every time, just to get to the last two or three records or FORMS? This seems very silly to me.

Any advice in this regard would be much appreciated.

Hi @phrogbecker,

Is this something you are looking for that has been discussed previously:

If yes, please be informed that this feature is not available in KoBoToolbox at the moment and a feature request has already been made. You could vote for it (if you wish to see this as a new feature in KoBoToolbox in the upcoming days).

Have a great day!

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Thank you Kal, much appreciated.

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Hi @Kal_Lam Kal, hope you are well.

Just to know, there is any update regarding this? nowadays this feature is available?


Hi @joseamorales, welcome to the KoBo community :tada:

This feature is not yet available, but will be shortly — although initially only through the API:

cc. @phrogbecker

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do we have an example of how to use this API to achieve this?

@Tumaini, have you tried this?