Dropdown view for select one

I am also looking for drop down for select one, as I have seen in the sample people were using likert but in my case it is not working, Drop down view for select one in apearence

Maybe this post should solve your issue (that has been discussed previously):

Hi Kal,
Thanks a lot but when I was looking in appearance there was not minimal in design view, I put it in xls form

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Just to add a hint for print-out.
In pdf print-out the minimal appearance will show differently, condensed item list. If you have a long choice list and you want to fully avoid it in form print-out, you would need to change the select type to text (for print-out).

For example, if you have an (UN) country list and use it at several places in your form, but only want it printed once, the best solution would be to set the first reference to horizontal appearance and set the type to text for the following references.

Futhermore, in most cases appearance horizontal will work better for condensed print-out (than minmal), as the layout is smarter…