Dynamic data attachment

Dear team, thank you for the great support in this community.
I have created a parent form, linked 2 child forms using dynamic data attachment features.
Following the support article, I have several groups of questions in the parent form which i expect to populate in the child form But only group is appearing in the child forms.
Please, I need help. I’ll be grateful if my expression could be looked at.

aRqmLxqMdDJhkGbVuebVXd.xlsx (13.5 KB)

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@Adom, you could use this sample XLSForm that illustrates how to link a form dynamically within a group.

Reference XLSForm (within group):

Round 1 (Within Groups).xlsx (15.2 KB)

Reference XLSForm (within group):

Round 2 (Within Groups).xlsx (11.9 KB)

We will be updating this sample XLSForm file within the article soon.

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@Kal_Lam , i have followed the steps in the sample XLSForm attached. However, only one of many groups was able to bring enteries from parent to child form.
Data fields in the cild form for all other groups remain blank except the first group.
Do i have to repeat ‘C_SN’ in every group in the child from?

@Adom, do you mean linking from a repeat group?

Not a repeat group. I have 7 groups in the parent form which i have linked to a child form. The data in only the first group in the parent form is seen in the child form. All the remaining groups in the parent form does not populate in the child form. I have tried several times, in all instances, only the first group appears.