Editing data (with Enketo = default) not possible when using external csv?

Ahm, sorry, what can I try with a picture?

And did you get my private message? Not sure whether I found the right way to send private messages – at least, I can’t find it anymore now.

@york_rff, I have created a survey project in your user account which you should be bale to test. Wanted to share with you a screenshot of the same in the forum so that you do not get confused.

OK, now I get it. The confusion was perfect, because I had a project with the same name before (and hadn’t noticed that there is a second one now).

However, things have further developed since.

By the way: Did you receive my private messages? (I am not sure whether clicking on your username and then on “Message” is creating a private message and I have no idea, how to get back to these messages.)

So what is the structural difference between this test project and my real projects?

One I could identify is that we have all the geo levels (and more) in ONE single file. But I have excluded this as a cause of the problems: In the project select_one_from_file_onecsv I amended the functioning test project (deleted by now) and established that both KoboCollect and Enketo can handle, if all is in one csv-file.

As stated before, it even works, if I delete the whole name_list column in the csv-file. This column seems to have no function at all?

(Strangly enough: I forgot that I should avoid MS Edge and experienced that suddenly it even works there. But this just as a side-note.)

I can’t find any structural difference between the projects select_one_from_file_onecsv (works) and DataTest-XX fromfile reduced (doesn’t work with Enketo: Failed to load data from …csv, although I can access the csv with exactly that link, if adding https://ee.kobotoolbox.org/ at the beginning).

Would be so great, if you find any!!!

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Yes, I did receive them, and that’s how we share the private messages in the community.

I think, I am getting crazy. After a moment of hope, I am back to zero again…

Noticing some special characters (like “!” for pronouncing click sounds in local language) I wondered whether this might be the cause. I deleted all special characters and it worked. Then I saved the original csv (with special characters) under this new name and it still worked (so the special characters were not the issue).

Then I renamed the csv (and the respective links in the survey) to the original names and it stopped working. So a renamed them to a completely new name and it still didn’t work…???

I start to feel (rather than being sure) that the whole issue of Enketo failing to save is due to the recommendation to change the csv (so that there is a “name” and a “label” column) as a pre-condition to use select_one_from_file – and if there is only a single record based on a different csv-structure in the list, saving edits fails for all records.

Is this possible?

The problem is that this means that I cannot ex-post introduce select_one_from_file, so I cannot edit existing records. True?

@york_rff, were you able to make edits and save with the survey project i created for you?