Enketo: DNS lookup is not allowed

Hello -

We are encountering an enketo error when loading an already saved form to edit (urls are provided for example - they require authentication which I can’t post on a public forum):


The page above has some media attachments to the submitted form, and the urls are being loaded like:


Enketo is giving me this error:

DNS lookup, host:kc.wsb-labs.com) is not allowed. Because, It is private IP address.Error Code: 500

has anyone seen this error before?

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I have same issue and could not resolve it. I have Kobotoolbox installed in own server, This error in my case continue with all forms that referencing external data. I tested that forms on other servers and its working perfectly.

any help to solve it is much appreciated.

I was able to resole this issue, I had to manually change the config file to allow the private Ip address as per the instructions in this link Cannot download file after uploading it one of my submissions when editing the submission - #7 by ryanend