Error: Generic Exception Error 404

Hi there,

I have received a tablet back from one of the enumerators, with 114 unsent/failed to send ‘finalised forms’- all with a red cloud and warning sign next to them. I have tried to re-send but the same “error: generic exception error 404” appears.

I have checked the time and date on the tablet is correct, checked the URL in the settings and checked the version of the form they are using in the version deployed online (which was what I had thought was the issue), but the error persists.

Can you recommend me something else to check? or an alternative way to get the data off the tablet?


Welcome to the community, @koboqueen! Would you mind checking your account to see if the project is there in the server for whose submissions you are trying to submit through he app? Sometimes this could also be an issue where you have deleted the project in the server but you try to submit the submissions to the server.

Hi Kal_Lam thanks for your quick response. That was my concern, that when we had updated the form, we’d accidentally archived the old version of the form which the enumerators were still using. As far as I can see, however, the project is still on the server and I checked the version which is deployed is the same (version 3).

If the version of the form they are trying to submit has been deleted/ is no longer available, is my best option downloading ODK connect and trying to extract the data manually from the tablets?? Or there is there some way to reverse the error and still submit directly to the server?


@koboqueen, if the original project is still on the server you should be able to submit the submissions from your app to the server. If it’s not there, you will not be able to.

You should still be able to extract your data that is still in the app as outlined in the post discussed previously: